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A portfolio website. Inspired by pop-up cards, I aimed to use simple but interesting animated effects to better present my works. I used ActionScript 3 to construct a 3D space, combined with a lot of pseudo 3D components for coding speed, in order to achieve a visually 3D setting.


  • Visual Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Website Developer

Home Page

Hovering on the two left side pop-up pieces triggers resilience effects.

The right side hanging logo can also be interacted by hovering on it or pressing keyboard’s arrow keys.

About Page

Once a new page is revealed, related resilience effects are simulated.

Work Page

Works are listed at the right side and they can be sorted by category listed at the left side.
Moving mouse on those thumbnails performs the same as scrolling content.

Blog Page

A dial pad with year on the center and 12-month holes is embedded on the right side. When this dial is rotated, its corresponding content stack with a month calendar rotates to the opposite direction in order to simulate basic gear system.