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This in a wedding invitation in which I applied traditional Chinese wedding custom. It combines electronic devices and mechanical components to announce the news to guests.


  • Visual Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Invitation Maker

Close Shot

Technical Summary

I embedded 2 magnets into the box’s and its cover’s edge in order to secure the box.

When open the box, the whole circuit will be connected. I put a normal closed switch at the edge of the box, thus there is no electricity flowing if the box is closed.

Once the circuit is connected after opening this box two indication lights will be turned on.

Once figure is inserted into one gear, a light pipe beneath the gear will be turned on and the corresponding indication light will be turned off.

When two figures are ready, two gears will rotate forward to the end and reverse. During the rotation, they will shake 3 times representing 3 times bows in Chinese traditional wedding ceremony.

Work well:

  • gear rotation
  • LED light
  • Box making

Need improvement :

  • The direction of bows should be adjusted
  • Rotation should be full 360.
  • During the rotation if one figure is removed, the process should be paused.
  • Detect the amount of light when opening and closing the box should be added.